Patterns Emerge
Patterns Emerge
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This piece is 100% based on a small set of samples I recorded in my kitchen. All these interwoven noises started to produce incredible patterns of rhythm and sound.

About this Song

125 BPM

As I did for previous projects, I started by collecting a wide range of sounds around one location. In this case, I focused on my kitchen. You can hear and download all original samples here.

While it was relatively easy to find suitable sounds to create an interesting set of percussion’s, the difficult part was to build nice sounds for the melody from the samples I had. The first lead sound is made from a ceramic plate hit, and the second one are salt grains falling on a plate.

Credits and Thanks

Final Mix & Master:
Thanks to Dom for this polished final mix & master.
Test Listeners:
Thank you very much for all the excellent feedback! This piece got so much better with all your input and ideas.

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